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Think of climate as Earth’s personal clock. Our seasons depend on the predictability of climate, and our lives depend on the predictability of the planet’s seasons. When Earth’s personal clock stops following a schedule, it creates a lot of disruption in our lives. This disruption is what we, as humankind, are experiencing on our planet, because of climate change. Mitigating climate change is what we need to do, to return climate as the predictable force for our planet and our lives that we once knew it to be. Remember, weather and climate are different. Weather is short-term, while climate is the weather of a particular geographic region over a longer period of time.


There are many contributing factors to climate change, but the science is clear as to what is causing it and what needs to be done to address it. Certain heat-trapping greenhouse gases including CO2 and methane are causing the planet to warm; the main cause of climate change. The challenge for the world is to find ways and means to take equitable climate action that helps communities and countries grow and prosper in a sustainable and inclusive way. Cation Arts has developed this game to introduce the different aspects of climate change to everyone in an informative and innovative way, and help them deconstruct complex topics in a simple way.

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