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Play as one of Earth’s mighty nations, and compete to ensure your citizens prosper! However, can you also work with your opponents to ensure the survival of our planet?

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Of the billions of planets in existence, none are as perfect or as beautiful as our home we call Earth.

But Earth is in danger. Human advancements are threatening her ability to sustain life.Can we balance between our need for advancement with our planet’s ability to sustain our ambitions?

In the race for prosperity points, you can build megaprojects, fund technologies, implement climate policies, and engage in diplomacy!


One Earth is easy to learn but requires a lot of strategic and tactical thinking!
Best of all, One Earth can be taught in less than 5 minutes and typically takes 20-40 minutes to play.


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One Earth is a turn-based game player over several rounds. During your turn, you earn currency (a little bit more on that later), you could then use that currency to fund "Projects".

By doing so, you increase your country's prosperity (which is how you earn currency!) but could increase global greenhouse gas "Emissions".

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The game can end if one the players reaches 20 prosperity points or if "Global Emissions" (emitted by all players) reaches 30.

Thus, players must balance between their individual objective of gaining prosperity and the group's objective of keeping climate change under control. This unique tension between individual and collective goals is what makes this game so much fun!


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Embrace the role of either: The Scientist, The Diplomat, The Military General, The Entertainers, The Energy Tycoon or The Environmentalist! 

Each of these leaders has unique abilities and seeks to play to his own strengths, offering you lots of variation and replayability! 

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Which World Would You Build?
The Choice is Yours!

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